what does it take

Lead them

It's the people who do the change

Be a role model and live what you preach

Listen to your counterpart

Solve conflicts, do not run away from them

Understand cultures

Let your resources do, what they can do best

Do it

Work hard for your success

Think creatively

Always be ready to listen and react to good feedback

Soak up the ideas of your specialists

Continuously verify intermediate results

Go the extra mile

Document important things

Don't complain about an extra night at the airport because of snow

Finish it

Reach your goals

Promote your project

Be there

Follow up on the major things

Celebrate successes

Say thank you

Let go when it is done

Be yourself

Remain human, you are all right

Take time... just to take some time

Show your color... and be surprised about the matches

Just get up and continue... whenever you stumble

Do sports... and keep your body moving

Look for new challenges... and master them

technical skills


Business Integration

2017 |  CRM Integration of a Business Unit

Integrate sales processes of acquired partner company into parent company and eliminate double work

Global Standards

2016 |  New World Standard SAP for Sales

Create Business Blueprint for global sales and service processes, based on best practice analysis

Business Development

2015 | Business Model for Partner Products

Create business model based on quality gates selling new OEM and partner products

Product Development

2014 |  Platform for product family

Develop a platform solution to integrate 3 independent product lines into one production platform


"Someone who is taller than you,

is not necessarily bigger"

-my dad